Volume 18, Issue 6 (2010)

Original Articles


Water-soluble phenolic compounds and their anti-HIV-1 activities from the leaves of Cyclocarya paliurus
J. Zhang, N. Huang, J.-C. Lu, X. Li, Y.-H. Wang, L.-M. Yang, Y.-T. Zheng, and K. Xiao


PBA-ω-Lys as sustained phenylbutyrate-releasing prodrug
C.-L. Wang, P.-R. Hsueh, M.-J. Sun, Y.-L. Leu, F.-S. Chang, S.-W. Yang, J.-F. Lian, and H.-P. Wang


Safety assessment of musk substitute from nutria of Myocastor coypus in mice
W.C. Yu, Y.L. Horng, S.L. Shoei, W.L. Jun, W.C. Hui, H.L. Ching, L.L. Po, and J.K. Jaw