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Dibenzoylmethane altered adipose mass, serum lipid and sex steroid hormone in female mice


Dibenzoylmethane (DBM), a β-diketone structural analogue of curcumin, has been reported to exhibit anti-tumorigenic and chemopreventive activities in mouse mammary tumorigenesis. Our previous study indicated that DBM modulates estrogenic action both in vitro and in vivo. In this report, the potential role of DBM as modulator of lipid metabolism in two mouse models was investigated. Several biomarkers and intermediate metabolites related to lipid consumption were measured. The results indicated that the parametrial fat pad weight, the level of triglyceride in both CD-1 and Senear mice fed with 1% DBM, was remarkably reduced. In addition, the estradiol level, uterus and mammary gland weights were significantly decreased in CD-1 and young Senear mice at 55 days of age (during the estrous phase of estrous cycle). The reduction of both estradiol level and triglyceride in serum would explain the inhibitory effect of DBM on mammary tumorigenesis as a modulator in dietary lipid metabolism.

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