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Date fiber concentrate: Chemical compositions, functional properties and effect on quality characteristics of beef burgers


Chemical composition of second-grade dates (with hard texture) from Tunisian Deglet Nour cultivar was similar to that of commercial dates. Date fiber concentrate (DFC) was extracted and characterized in terms of chemical composition and techno-functional properties. DFC showed interesting functional properties. In fact, it presented high water binding capacities (WBC) and oil binding capacities (OBC) reaching 15.82 g/g and 11.31 g/g, respectively. These values were higher than those reported for the most fruits and vegetable fiber concentrates. The use of DFC in beef burger formulations improves cooking properties, e.g. increase cooking yield and decrease shrinkage and minimize production cost without negatively affecting their sensory properties. Results indicate the potentially functional and economic utility of Phoenix dactylifera L. flesh from dry dates as new source of dietary fiber.

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