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Kinetic spectrophotometric analysis of naftidrofuryl oxalate and vincamine in pharmaceutical preparations using alkaline potassium permanganate


A simple, rapid and sensitive kinetic spectrophotometric method is described for the analysis of naftidrofuryl oxalate (NF) and vincamine (VN) in pure form and in their pharmaceutical preparations. The procedure was based on the kinetic investigation of the oxidation of the studied drugs with alkaline potassium permanganate and the absorbance of the produced manganate species was measured at 610 nm. Variables affecting the color development were investigated and the conditions were optimized. The concentration of the studied drugs was calculated using the regression equations for the fixed-time method. The determination of the two drugs by fixed absorbance and rate constant methods was possible but the fixed time method was more applicable. The reliability and analytical performance of the proposed method including linearity, ranges, precision, accuracy, detection and quantification limits were statistically validated. Calibration graphs are linear over the concentration ranges of 3-15 μg/mL and 4-14 μg/mL for NF and VN, respectively. The proposed method was satisfactorily applied for analysis of pharmaceutical preparations containing the studied drugs. A proposal of the reaction pathway was postulated.

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