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Simultaneous application of hydrostatic pressure and microbial transglutaminase as pretreatment to improve the physicochemical properties of heat-induced gels from tilapia surimi paste


Tilapia pastes were subjected to pretreatment using a combination of hydrostatic pressure processing (HPP) (0.1 to 300 MPa/25°C/60 mm) and simultaneous addition of microbial transglutaminase (MTGase) (0.044 unit/g of paste), which was followed by cooking at 90°C for 20 mm, to investigate the changes in the physicochemical properties of heat-induced gels. The pretreatment with MTGase at 300 MPa produced a gel having the strongest breaking force and strain compared with all the other treatments in the study; the gel strength was 3.5 times higher than that of the gel obtained by the 300 MPa treatment without adding MTGase. The combined use of MTGase and HPP for pretreatment could also improve the water-holding capacity of the gel, the value of which ranged from 63.12 to 89.34%. Adding MTGase also could decrease protein solubility under different pressure treatments. Thus, pretreatment of the sample is a better way to improve the gel-forming ability of tilapia surimi.

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