Volume 17, Issue 2 (2009)

Original Articles


Sequence analysis based on ITS1 region of nuclear ribosomal DNA of Amomum villosum and ten species of Alpinia
C.-F. Qiao, Q.-B. Han, Z.-L. Zhao, Z.-T. Wang, L.-S. Xu, and H.-X. Xu


Effect of deep sea water on the exercise-induced fatigue of rats
S.-T. Wang, D.-F. Hwang, R.-H. Chen, Y.-C. Chen, C.-W. Liang, C.-S. Lin, and M.-L. Tsai


In vitro testing of ciprofloxacin formulations and preliminary study on BCS biowaiver
S.B. Kyriacos, C. Boukarim, W. Safi, M. Mroueh, A.B. Maroun, G. El-Khoury, and R. Shehayeb


Effect of harvest time on saponins in yam (Dioscorea pseudojaponica Yamamoto)
J.-T. Lin, S.-L. Chen, S.-C. Liu, and D.-J. Yang