Volume 17, Issue 1 (2009)

Original Articles


Protective effect of methylamine irisolidone, a novel compound, on acute myocardial ischemia in anesthetized dogs
Y.-L. Mu, Y.-Y. Xie, F.-W. Wang, Y. Zhong, J. Li, Z.-L. Hu, Y.-S. Wang, and X.-M. Zhang


Effect of chloramphenicol on a bioassay response for the detection of tetracycline residues in milk
O. Nagel, M. de la L. Zapata, J.C. Basílico, J. Bertero, M.P. Molina, and R. Althaus


Evaluation on the analytical methods for tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) in pharmaceutical formulations
J.-C. Hsu, Y.-N. Chiou, H.-C. Hsu, Y.-H. Chen, J.-Y. Chiou, and C.-P. Lin