Volume 16, Issue 4 (2008)

Original Articles


Maltol determination in food by microwave assisted extraction and electrochemical detection
M.F. Barroso, M.G.F. Sales, S.A.A. Almeida, M.C.V.F. Vaz, and C. Delerue-Matos


Authentic determination of bird's nests by saccharides profile
C.-H. Tung, J.-Q. Pan, H.-M. Chang, and S.-S. Chou


Arsenic speciation in fish on the market
H.-T. Lin, S.-W. Chen, C.-J. Shen, and C. Chu


Impact of introduction of angiotensin II antagonist on the antihypertensive utilization in Taiwan
T.-L. Lin, Y.-H.K. Yang, C.-H. Tang, H.-M. Wu, and H.-W. Cheng


Effect of taurine on toxicity of oxidized cholesterol and oxidized fish oil in rats
Y.-H. Yeh, M.-H. Chen, Y.-T. Lee, H.-S. Hsieh, and D.-F. Hwang