Volume 16, Issue 3 (2008)

Original Articles


Effect of taurine on toxicity of oxidized cholesterol in rats
Y.-H. Yeh, M.-H. Chen, Y.-T. Lee, H.-S. Hsieh, and D.-F. Hwang


A simple and fast method for arginine determination in grape juice
H. Li, X. Liang, L. Feng, Y. Liu, and H. Wang


A rapid and sensitive HPLC method for determination of roxatidine in human plasma
C.-W. Kuo, W.-J. Liaw, P.-W. Huang, and L.-H. Pao


Impacts of extraction methods on volatile constituents of longan flower
C.-H. Chang, T.-H. Yu, C.-Y. Chang, and Y.-C. Liu


Factors affecting PGE2 production in seaweed Gracilaria tenuistipitata
B.-Y. Hsu, C.-Y. Tsao, T.-K. Chiou, and D.-F. Hwang


Norepinephrine transporter inhibitors from Polygala tenuifolia
Y.-L. Lin, W.-P. Chen, H.-C. Ko, F.-N. Ko, and T.-S. Wu