Volume 16, Issue 2 (2008)

Review Article


Natural products with skin - Whitening effects
J.-W. Lin, H.-M. Chiang, Y.-C. Lin, and K.-C. Wen

Original Articles


Liquid chromatographic and potentiometric methods for deteminations of clopidogrel
A.L. Saber, M.A. Elmosallamy, A.A. Amin, and H.M.A. Killa


Spectrophotometric methods for determination of ritodrine in bulk and in pharmaceutical dosage forms
M.A. El-Ghaffar, D. El-Sherbiny, D. El-Wasseef, and S. El-Ashry


Novel spectrophotometric method for RAPID quantifying acetaminophen concentration in emergent situation
J.-F. Chiou, S.-L. Chen, S.-M. Chen, S.-S. Tsou, C.-Y. Wu, J.-S. Chu, and T.-Z. Liu