Volume 15, Issue 3 (2007)

Original Articles


In vitro and in vivo assessments for developing an oral BCG vaccine formulation
J.-L. Chen, C.-C. Yu, J.-R. Chiang, T.-C. Lee, M.-K. Yeh, and C.-H. Chiang


Isolation and identification of a vardenafil analogue in a dietary supplement
K.-C. Lai, Y.-C. Liu, M.-C. Tseng, Y.-L. Lin, and J.-H. Lin


The use of lobetyolin and HPLC-UV fingerprints for quality assessment of radix codonopsis
C.-F. Qiao, Z.-D. He, Q.-B. Han, H.-X. Xu, R.-W. Jiang, S.-L. Li, Y.-B. Zhang, P.P.-H. But, and P.-C. Shaw


Chemical and biological study of the residual aerial parts of sesamum indicum L
A.E.-S. Khaleel, M.H. Gonaid, R.I. El-Bagry, A.A. Sleem, and M. Shabana


A study on the analytical methods for total dietary fiber in fructan-containing foods
S.-C. Tsai, S.-F. Lu, W.-W. Yu, H.-C. Lin, and W. Fu