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A novel method for the determination of pectinesterase inhibitor in banana


A novel enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) method for the quantification of pectinesterase inhibitor (PET) in banana was described. The method was based on the specific binding of PE with PEI, rabbit anti-PE polyclonal antibody and goat anti-rabbit IgG-conjugated alkaline phosphatase in series. The ELISA method was found to be more sensitive to quantify PEI in banana, jelly fig (Ficus awkeotsang Makino) achene, and kiwi than the conventional pH-stat method. It thus provides a good alternative that saves raw material and efforts in the analysis of PEI in both fresh and processed fruits. The retardation in the ripening of banana pulp in low temperature storage was proven relevant to the maintenance of PEI activity as determined by both methods.

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