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Flow injection analysis of kojic acid in cosmetics by a carbon-nanotube modified screen-printed electrode


A novel carbon-nanotube modified screen-printed electrode (CNT/SPE) was successfully prepared and validated to be a useful detector in the flow injection system. Compared to a bare screen-printed electrode (SPE), CNT/ SPE improved the detection limit for kojic acid (KA). The detection limit on S/N = 3 was as low as 0.01 ppm. Furthermore, several factors, including the pH, applied potential, flow rate and coating quantity of CNT, were assessed. The attractive response of CNT/SPE has allowed it to be used for constant-potential FIA (Flow-Injection Analysis) of KA and indicates great potential for monitoring chromatographic effluents. The linear relationship between KA concentration (0.1-120 ppm) and the current response was established. Meanwhile five different CNT/SPEs for the detection KA of 20 ppm yielded a RSD value of 4.43%, indicating acceptable reproducibility of the present analysis. Finally, two real samples on the market were analyzed using the proposed system with appreciable results.

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