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Isolation and identification of a sibutramine analogue in a healthy food for weight loss


A sibutramine analogue was detected and added illegally in known as the healthy food that can reduce weight. The structure was determined as N-1-[1-(4-chlorophenyl) cyclobutyl]-3-methylbutyl-N-methylamine with the molecular formula C16H24NCl and molecular weight 265 Da. The sample was desalted and extracted with water, further purified by a liquid-liquid partition method. The structure was identified with a series of 1-D and 2-D NMR techniques, IR and FAB mass. Comparing with the structure of sibutramine, a tertiary amine was substituted as a secondary amine. This is one of the active metabolite of sibutramine. Basic on the law, foods with any illegal additive such as synthetic chemical compound shall not be sold, manufactured, imported, processed, used, prepared, stored or transported. Therefore, this sibutramine analogue has been included in the inspection list of illegal adulterants in Taiwan.

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