Volume 15, Issue 1 (2007)

Review Article


Molecular authentication of Chinese herbal materials
Y.-B. Zhang, P.-C. Shaw, C.-W. Sze, Z.-T. Wang, and Y. Tong

Original Articles


Simple and rapid spectrophotometric method for the analysis of erythromycin in pharmaceutical dosage forms
R. Rattanapoltaveechai, W. Vongkom, W. Suntornsuk, and L. Suntornsuk


Bioequivalence assessment of two simvastatin tablets in healthy Taiwanese volunteers
C.-M. Tseng, C.-C. Huang, M.-C. Ho, Y.-A. Chen, Y.-H. Shieh, and I.-K. Chen


Isolation and identification of a sibutramine analogue in a healthy food for weight loss
K.-C. Lai, Y.-C. Liu, M.-C. Tseng, Y.-L. Lin, and J.-H. Lin


Supercritical fluid extraction of imidazole drugs from cosmetic and pharmaceutical products
W.-L. Chou, C.-Y. Chang, H.-M. Liu, K.-C. Yang, and C.-C. Wu


A new detection technique for fluoroquinolone-conjugated proteins by high performance liquid chromatography with UV/fluorescence detectors
S.-W. Hung, C.-W. Shih, B.-R. Chen, C.-Y. Tu, Y.-F. Ling, L.-T. Tsou, S.-P. Ho, and W.-S. Wang