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Capillary gas chromatographic determination of isoniazid in pharmaceutical preparations and blood precolumn derivazation with trifluoroacetylacetone


Antituberculosis drug isoniazid (INH) and hydrazine (HZ) have been determined by capillary column gas chromatography after precolumn derivatization with trifluoroacetylacetone (FAA). Phenylhydrazine (PHZ) when present together with INH and HZ also separated completely from the column HP-5 (30 mm × 0.32 mm I.D) connected with flame ionization detection (FID), and thus was used as an internal standard. The linear calibration ranges for INH and HZ were determined to be 2.5-25 μg/mL and 2.5-21.2 μg/mL respectively, with detection limit (S/N = 3) corresponding 62.5 pg reaching to the detector. The method was applied for the determination of INH and HZ from pharmaceutical preparations. The method was also used for determination of INH from blood of tuberculosis patient. The amount of INH found in the blood serum of tuberculosis patients on chemotherapy with INH based drugs was within 0.82-4.8 μg/mL with relative standard deviation (RSD) of 2-5.8%. The recovery percentage of INH from blood samples was found 98% with RSD 2.5%.

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