Volume 14, Issue 4 (2006)

Original Articles


Down-regulation of fatty acid synthase is associated with decreased Akt activation in lovastatin induced apoptosis cells
Y.-C. Chang, Y.-H. Huang, C.-M. Shih, J.-Y. Wu, C.-L. Liu, S.-H. Wang, and C.-M. Lin


Baicalein reverse the methamphetamin-induced striatal dopaminergic neurotoxicity in mice
Y.-Y. Liu, P.-H. Yeh, G.-J. Wang, S.-W. Huang, C.-W. Chi, L.-K. Ho, and W.H.T. Pan


The effect of Eudragit and enteric polymer composite on the release of nicardipine
P.-C. Wu, Y.-B. Huang, C.-H. Sung, R.-J. Wang, and Y.-H. Tsai


HPLC analysis of bioactive diterpenoids from the root bark of Pseudolarix kaempferi
C.-F. Qiao, Q.-B. Han, J.-Z. Song, S.-F. Mo, C. Tai, and H.-X. Xu


Pharmacokinetics of anti-SARS-CoV agent niclosamide and its analogs in rats
Y.-W. Chang, T.-K. Yeh, K.-T. Lin, W.-C. Chen, H.-T. Yao, S.-J. Lan, Y.-S. Wu, H.-P. Hsieh, C.-M. Chen, and C.-T. Chen