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Determination of fumonisin B1 and B2 in corn products


An analytical method using immunoaffinty column and HPLC was developed for determination fumonisins in corn and corn products. The detection limits for fumonisin B1 (FB1) and fumonisin B2 (FB2) were 0.03 ppm and 0.07 ppm, respectively. Spiked FB1 in dried corn (kernel and flour), fresh corn, corn snack and corn flake are at 0.2-3.0 ppm level, with recovery ranged from 79.2-108.8% and relative standard deviation (RSD) of 2.9-21.9%. FB2 spiked under the same condition as FB1 had recovery ranges of 70.0-106.0% and RSD of 4.7-20.0%. A total of 76 samples were collected, including 20 dried corn (kernel or flour), 5 fresh corn, 15 corn snacks, 10 corn flakes, 5 corn starch, 5 canned corn from commercial markets and 16 raw corn materials were purchased from corn snack manufacturers. From the total 76 samples, 11 samples (14.5%) were detected with FB1 and/or FB2. Seven samples of corn were at 0.05-0.13 ppm level, 1 fresh corn with 0.15 ppm, 2 corn snacks with 0.5 and 0.16 ppm, respectively, where as 1 corn raw material was at the 0.09 ppm level. The highest contamination was only 0.16 ppm. Nevertheless, no fumonisin was detected in corn flake, corn starch and canned corn samples.

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