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Polymorphisms of the gene encoding multidrug resistance protein 1 in Taiwanese


Multidrug resistance protein 1 (MDR1) is one of the most important phase-3 proteins for detoxification. We hypothesized that the allele frequencies of polymorphisms in the MDR1 gene in Taiwanese are different from those in other ethnic groups. The polymorphisms of A-41G, C-145G, T307C, G1199A, C1236T, G2677T, G2995A, and C3435T for the MDR1 gene were determined for 110 healthy Taiwanese adults using restriction fragment length polymorphism of PCR product and the enzymes TspR I, Stu I, Hae II, Pst I, Hae III, BseY I, BstZ17 I, and Mbo I. The results showed that all the study subjects carried the wild type at nucleotides 307, 1199, and 2995. The frequencies of the heterozygous and homozygous variations were 17.3% and 0.0%, 15.5% and 2.7%, 50.0% and 39.1%, 56.4% and 28.2%, and 45.5% and 14.5% at nucleotides -41, -145, 1236, 2677, and 3435, respectively. Compared with previous reports, for Taiwanese, the allele frequencies of polymorphisms in the MDR1 gene were significantly different from Japanese, Caucasians, Africans, Chinese living in Singapore, and Chinese living in Mainland China; except for those of -41G (identical to Japanese), 1236T, and 2677T (identical to Chinese living in Singapore). In conclusion, differences in allele frequencies for polymorphisms in the MDR1 gene were observed for Taiwanese in comparison with other ethnic groups and Chinese living in Singapore and Mainland China.

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