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Aflatoxin M1 levels of skim milk powders produced in Turkey


In this study AFM1 levels of skim milk powders produced in Turkey were determined by immunoaffinity column and HPLC and the results were compared with the values accepted by Turkish Aliment Codex. AFM1 levels of 21 skim milk powder samples collected from seven firms in four different seasons (March-April-May, June-July-August, September-October-November and December-January-February) ranged between 0 to 0.705 μg/kg. Two samples (0.535 and 0.705 μg/kg) had exceeded the tolerance limit accepted by Turkish Aliment Codex (0.5 μg/kg). It was also recorded that these two samples collected in the second season (June-July-August) had no M1 content. From the point of seasonal variation, it was realized that AFM1 contents of the samples collected in summer were lower than that of the samples collected in the winter. Seasonal variations with regard to AFM1 were statistically significant (p < 0.01). As a result, AFM1 levels in 90.5% of the samples provided throughout the year did not exceed the maximum tolerance limit established by Turkish Aliment Codex.

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