Volume 12, Issue 4 (2004)

Original Articles


The rDNA sequence analysis of three Dendrobium species
K.-T. Cheng, S.-F. Lo, C.-Y. Lee, C.-C. Chen, and H.-S. Tsay


Chemical and photochemical stability studies on diloxanide furoate in carbohydrates and polyols solutions
E.A. Gadkariem, H.A. El-Obeid, F. Belal, M.A. Abounassif, and Ibrahim K.E. El-Tayeb


Survey on 3-monochloro-1,2-propandiol (3-MCPD) contents of soy sauce products during fiscal year 2002 in Taiwan
W.-C. Cheng, H.-C. Chen, Y.-P. Lin, H.-F. Lee, P.-C. Chang, and S.-S. Chou


A method for the determination of trenbolone in bovine muscle and liver
C.-F. Tsai, M.-H. Chang, J.-Q. Pan, and S.-S. Chou