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Biogenic amines and histamine of marlin fillet and spotted mackerel fillet sampled from cafeteria and anchovy from fish market in Keelung


Twenty-six marlin fillet and 19 spotted mackerel fillet samples obtained from cafeteria and 22 anchovy samples collected from fish market in Keelung were analyzed for biogenic amines and histamine. The biogenic amines of samples collected in summer were greater than those in winter with levels ranging from 744 ppm to 1,234 ppm and 297 ppm to 558 ppm, respectively. Out of 67 samples analyzed, 9 samples of marlin fillet, 4 samples of spotted mackerel fillet and 1 sample of anchovy had biogenic amines above 1,000 ppm. No sample had histamine exceeded 500 ppm in summer or winter. Twenty out of 67 samples showed detectable amounts of histamine, 94% of which were less than 50 ppm. Two samples of marlin fillet and 2 samples of anchovy had histamine content greater than 50 ppm, ranging from 83 ppm to 136 ppm. It was found that 2 (6.7%) marlin fillet samples and 1 (4.5%) anchovy sample in summer exceeded the criterion of 1,000 ppm biogenic amines and 50 ppm histamine in Keelung.

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