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Analysis of the analogues of aristolochic acid and aristolactam in the plant of Aristolochia genus by HPLC


A facile reversed-phase HPLC method for the analysis of aristolochic acid (AA) and aristolactam (AL) analogues was developed and used for the quantitative determination and quality control of the traditional Chinese medicine. Homonymic Chinese crude drugs such as Stephania tetrandra and Aristolochia fanchi Clematis armandii and A. manshuriensis can be easily identified by this method. The quantitative determination of AAs and ALs in 12 species of Aristolochia (A. elegans, A. zollingeriana, A. cucurbitifolia, A. mollis, A. kaempferi, A. shimadii, A. heterophylla, A. debilis, A. foveolata, A. contorta, A. trilobata and A. odoratissima) has been investigated. The chromatograms obtained in this study can serve as fingerprints to identify plant species in the Aristolochia genus, thus avoiding incorrect identification of herbal ingredients in manufacturing traditional Chinese medicine.

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