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Comparison of rheological properties of dough prepared with different wheat flours


Wheat flours milled from different wheat varieties and collected from different streams of milling system were used as raw materials in this study. The proteins of different flours were extracted and analyzed using electrophoresis for their composition. The dough rheological properties of different flours, including farinographic and extensographic properties, were also studied to correlate with their protein compositions. According to the results of electrophoresis, the flour protein compositions were grouped into six groups. The molecular weight ranges of the proteins in these six groups were 205.0-97.4, 97.4-66.2, 66.2-45.0, 45.0-36.0, 36.0-24.0, and 24.0-6.5 kDa, respectively. The protein contents of these six groups were found to be significantly correlated to some rheological values of wheat flour dough. These results revealed that the dough rheological properties of wheat flour were not only correlated significantly to the total protein content of the flour but also to the composition of the proteins.

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