Volume 11, Issue 3 (2003)

Original Articles


The protection of Anthrodia camphorata against acute hepatotoxicity of alcohol in rats
Y.-Y. Dai, C.-H. Chuang, C.-C. Tsai, H.-M. Sio, S.-C. Huang, J.-C. Chen, and M.-L. Hu


Photolysis of NSAIDs. II. Online LC-MS determination of photodegradants from carprofen
F.-A. Chen, P.-Y. Wang, K.-C. Wen, C.-Y. Chen, and A.-B. Wu


Separation of saikosaponins by on-line sample stacking CE method
P.-W. Sheng, W.-Y. Huang, and S.-J. Sheu


Subtyping of enterotoxin C strains isolated from food poisoning outbreaks in Taiwan
J.-Y. Wang, T.-P. Huang, Y.-C. Chang, and D.Y.-C. Shih