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Effects of extraction solvent on gas chromatographic quantitation of BHT and BHA in chewing gum


In this study, a simple and rapid method was developed for the determination of BHT (2,6-di-t-butyl-p-hydroxytoluene) and BHA (t-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole) in chewing gum using solvent extraction combined with gas chromatography. The results showed that among seven types of extraction solvent, diethyl ether was the best, as chewing gum dissolved and dispersed in diethyl ether, gave the highest yield of BHT and BHA from chewing gum. Recovery studies were performed on chewing gum, spiked with both BHT and BHA at 100-200μg/g each. The recoveries of both BHT and BHA were 99-101% (CV: 1.5-3.2%) and 94-99% (CV: 7.1-8.6), respectively. The coefficients of variation were less than 8.6%. Fifteen chewing gum samples were analyzed by the current method. Both the BHT and BHA contents were found to be 0-296 μg/g and 0-133 μg/g, respectively. After chewing for 15 min, 70% of the total soluble compounds and 50% of BHT and BHA were released from chewing gum.

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