Volume 11, Issue 2 (2003)


Review Article

Original Articles


Evaluation of immunoassays for the determination of MDMA and cannabinoids in urine samples
A.C. Lua, A.-R. Hu, B.-F. Lin, P.-C. Yeh, H.-R. Lin, and Y.-T. Tseng


Effects of extraction solvent on gas chromatographic quantitation of BHT and BHA in chewing gum
H.-J. Lin, M.-L. Wang, Y.-M. Choong, C.-W. Chen, B.-S. Hwang, S.-L. Tsai, L.-C. Chung, and M.-H. Yang


Bioaccumulation and elimination of tributyltin and triphenyltin in oysters and rock shells in Taiwan
P.-J. Meng, B.-C. Han, W.-K. Hsu, A. Chuang, J.-H. Cheng, and T.-C. Hung


Stability-indicating HPLC assay method of zomepirac
C.-Y. Chen, F.-A. Chen, C.-J. Chen, K.-S. Wu, and A.-B. Wu


Correlation of in vivo and in vitro measurements of sun protection factor
M.-T. Sheu, C.-W. Lin, M.-C. Huang, C.-H. Shen, and H.-O. Ho