E.T.-T. Suen


In summary, the JFDA has reached a milestone of 10 years publication. During these ten years, we have encountered many challenges and have overcome numerous difficulties to arrive at where we are now. From this experience, we have learned to be patient and persistent. During the difficult times, we have learned to be frugal and careful. And through it all we kept our faith and strived to move forward toward the goals set for us. And now we dedicate this 10th anniversary issue to all our friends who have supported, contributed and encouraged us in the past. This issue contains nine excellent review articles contributed by many outstanding researches in the field of regulatory science of food and drug analysis. With the publication of these articles we are hoping that the future ranking of JFDA will be greatly improved. Currently in Food Science Category there are 94 journals listed in JCR, and out of these journals only 54 journals are listed in SCI. At this moment JFDA ranks 70. We are moving upward to hopefully reach the listing number of SCI within the next few years. We have confidence that the future is bright for JFDA. And we will continue to work hard toward our goals.