Volume 10, Issue 3 (2002)

Original Articles


Pharmacokinetic properties of tranilast in Chinese people
M.-J. Charng, P.Y.-A. Ding, M.-H. Chuang, C.-Y. Lo, P.-S. Chiang, and L.-H. Pao


Analysis of flavonoids in Vernonia paltula by high-performance liquid chromotography
Y.-R. Ku, C.-Y. Chen, L.-K. Ho, J.-H. Lini, and Y.-S. Chang


Determination of hesperetin and its conjugate metabolites in serum and urine
C.-Y. Yang, S.-Y. Tsai, P.-D.L. Chao, H.F. Yen, T.-M. Chien, and S.-L. Hsiu


Analytical and stability studies of ginger preparations
H.-Y. Young, C.-T. Chiang, Y.-L. Huang, F.P. Pan, and G.-L. Chen