Volume 10, Issue 1 (2002)

Original Articles


A comparative study on the dissolution profiles of commercial hydrochlorothiazide tablets
M.-S. Lee, C.-L. Huang, S.-H. Huang, Y.-P. Chen, C.-J. Chen, and K.-C. Wen


Pharmacokinetics and bioequivalent study of generic fluoxetine capsules preparation
R.-N. Pan, T.-H. Chen, C.S.-H. Huang, and C.-H. Hsiong


Drugs of abuse pattern in Taiwan
A.C. Lua, B.-F. Lin, Y.-T. Tseng, T.-H. Chen, T.-C. Chen, and C.-K. Chiang


Survey on toxicity and label of dried dressed fish fillet in 1998
S.-J. Lin, C.-J. Liao, S.-K. Chen, and D.-F. Hwang