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Incidence of Salmonella in Egg Yolks of Chicken, Duck and Processed Eggs in Taiwan


Incidence of Salmonella in egg yolk of various processed and non-processed eggs was surveyed in Taiwan. Samples included 250 chicken eggs collected from 50 farms located in Changhua, Tainan and Pingtung counties; 115 duck eggs collected from 6 farms located in Taipei and Ilan counties; 34 salted duck eggs, and 44 thousand-year eggs purchased from retail stores in northern Taiwan. Salmonella was not found in all the egg yolk of all samples. In addition, swabs of 50 chicken egg shell and 7 duck egg shell and 23 environmental samples were collected from the farms mentioned above and examined. S. typhimurium was found in only one of soil sample collected from duck shade.

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