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Determination of Paeoniflorin and Geniposide in Traditional Chinese Medicinal Preparation by High Performance Liquid Chromatography


A high-performance liquid chromatographic method for Quantitative analysis of geniposide in Gardeniae Fructus and paeoniflorin in Paeoniae Radix was developed. The samples were separated by a RP - 18 Lichrospher column eluted with water-acetonitrile-acetic acid(85: 15: 1, v/v)at a flow rate O.6 ml/min and were detected at UV 238nm. The method was applied to monitor the optimum conditions for the extraction of the traditional Chinese medicinal preparation "Unseiin", which contains Gardeniae Fructus and Paeoniae Radix. In this study, methy parabebn was used as the internal standard. A good and reproducible separation of paeoniflorin and geniposide was achieved within 31 min. The method was also applicable to other preparations that contain these two medicinal plants such as Kamishoyosan and Bofutsuseisan.

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