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Quantitative Analysis of Cardamon and Fennel Combination


A Cardanon and Fennel combination is a traditional Chinese herbal formula for treating chi and blood - associated pricking pain. The formula is composed of Cinnamomi Ramus, Amomi Semen, Corydalis Tuber, Alpiniae Officinari Rhizoma, Ostreae Testa, Glycyrrhizae Radix, and Foeniculi Fructus. With the aid of high - performance liquid chromatography, we used cinnamaldehyde, coumarin, cinnamic acid (from the imperial component herb Cinnamomi Ramus), and glycyrrhizin (form the servant component herb Glycyrrhizae Radix) as the indicative constituents for the assessment of the quality of Chinese herb preparations and also for investigating the influences of different herb combinations, different doses, and different processed samples to the whole formula. Experimental data showed that when boiled in water, the formula yielded very little essential oil extract which, after concentration, this resulted in loss of more oil. Extractives of coumarin and cinnamaldehyde from Cardamon and Fennel combination which contains Cinnamomi Ramus were higher than from Cinnamomi Ramus decocted alone. The addition of Cinnamomi Cortex produced a contrary effect. Both preparations gave rise to greatly different results. The addition of Ostreae Testa changed the solution's pH value and promoted the extraction yields of cinnamic acid and glycyrrhizin. Absence of Gly cyrrhizae Radix or Cinnamomi Ramus caused reduction in the individual indicative constituents. Whereas, subtracting Foeniculi Fructus from the formula resulted in a marked increase in the extractives of the various constituents, and the addition of processed Cinnamomi Ramus produced a comprehensive influence of the chemical constituents. Differences in the drug materials selected, component combinations, and manufacturing processes produced marked differences in the constituent yields. Hence, there is a great difference found between commercial herbal products and laboratory-made counterparts.

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