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Studies on the Analysis of Ethopabate in Chicken Meat and Livers


A high performance liquid chromatographic(HPLC) method for the determination of ethopabate in chicken meat and river was developed. Ethopabate was extracted from samples with acetonitrile, and filtered. The extract was partitioned with n-hexane, concentrated to dryness, cleaned up through Florisil column, and quantitatively analyzed by HPLC. A Lichrospher 100 PR-18 (25cm x 4. 6 mm i.d., packed with 5 um particle size) and a solvent system of acetonitrile/water (3/7)with a flow rate of 1.0 mi/min were used. Ethopabates were detected by fluorescence with excitation and emission wavelengths at 300 nm and 350 nm, respectively. The average recoveries of ethopabate spiked into samples at the levels of 0. 02,0.05, 0.10 and 0. 20 ppm were in range of 93.22-94. 67% from meat and 92.77 - 94.45% from liver. Coefficients of variation were less than 4%. The detection limit was 2 ppb. Twenty-five samples each of chicken meat and liver purchased from various markets in Taipei were investigated. Results showed that no ethopabate was detected.

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