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Establishment of Standard Analytical Methods for Determination of Pesticide Residues in Crops -Tests of Terbufos, Diflubenzuron,Aldicarb and Oxamyl


Methods using gas chromatography (GC) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to determine terbufos, diflubenzuron, aldicarb, and oxamyl in crops have been developed. Terbufos was extracted from crops with acetone, and determined by GC after purification. Recovery studies were performed at 0.05~0.15ppm fortification levels and recoveries of terbufos were between 82.1 and 98.2%.The limits of detection of terbufos in crops tested were 12.5 ppb. Diflubenzuron, aldicarb and oxamyl were extracted from crops with acetone, cleaned up, and determined by HPLC individually. Recovery studies were performed at 0.05 ~ 4.5ppm fortification levels. Recoveries were between 82.6 and 98.5% . The limits of detection of diflubenzuron, aldicarb and oxamyl in crops tested were 0.05,0.05 and 0.08ppm, respectively.

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