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Stability of Geniposide, Berberine and Paeoniflorin in Uen-Ching-Yiin, San-Hwang-Shieh-Shin-Tang and Sheau-Ching-Long-Tang


Stability of three marker substances-geniposide berberine and paeoniflorin in traditional Chinese medicines Uen-Ching-Yiin,San-Hwang-Shieh-Shin-Tang and Sheau-Ching-Long-Tang, was studied by HPLC methods with accelerated aging test. The effect of various conditions such as storage time, temperature programs and sampling time programs on the kinetic parameters were also studied. The results showed that the Arrhenius Plots obtained from Arrhenius Equation of the three marker substances were all belonged to zero order reactions and we can expect all the shelf lives of the three maker substances in these three traditional medicines would last for three years.

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