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Studies on Analytical Methods of Robenidine Residues in Chicken Meat and Viscera


A high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) method for the determination of robenidine residues in chicken meat and viscera has been developed.Samples were extracted with ethylacetate,cleaned up with Alumina B SEP PAK and C18 SEP PAK cartridges, and finally determined by HPLC. Recovery studies were performed using chicken meat, liver, gizzard and skin samples each fortified with robenidine at 0.05,0.25 and 0.5ppm separately.The recovery data were varied from 80.0-92.3% with coefficients of variation which ranged from 0.5-7.0%. The detection limit for the fortified samples was found to be 0.025 ppm. Twenty-five samples of chicken meat, liver, gizzards and skin taken from the market were analyzed. It was found that no robenidine residue was detected in these samples.

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