Volume 1, Issue 1 (1993)

Original Articles


Biomarkers: An Important Strategy for Human Health Risk Assessment
Peter P. Fu, Yuh Shen Wu, Jeng-Shiow Lai, Mei In Chung, and Ching-Cheng Lai


Determination of Ondansetron and Metabolites in Plasma and its Pharmacokinetics in Cancer Patients
Oliver Yoa-Pu Hu, Tsang-Wu Liu, Pei-Shan Chiang, Li-Ling Huang, and Wei-Shou Huang


Preparation of Hepatitis B Vaccine Reference Standard for Potency Test
Chia Po Lin, Tso-Ling Chen, Ruoh-Ing Yang, Chin-Jung Chen, and Jung-Tian Hsieh


Investigation on the Safety of Plastic Food Containers for Use in Microwave Ovens
Meei-Jiuan Bai, Chu Hwa, Chieu-Chen Cheng, and Shin-Shou Chiou


Studies on Analytical Methods of Robenidine Residues in Chicken Meat and Viscera
Mai-Ling Jao, Ruey-Juh Lin, Chen-Chung Lee, Shu-Chi Lee, and Shin-Shou Chou


Survey of Staphylococcus aureus in Vegetable Salad
Wei-Hsia Kao and Daniel Yang-Chih Shih