Journal of Food and Drug Analysis
is the official peer-reviewed publication of the <a href="">Food and Drug Administration, Taiwan (TFDA)</a>. The <em>JFDA</em> is an international journal that is dedicated to publishing original research and review papers on the analyses of food, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and traditional Chinese medicine as well as related disciplines that are of topical interest to the public health profession. The goal of the Journal is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss new issues and developments in the different areas of analysis. The scope of the Journal includes analytical methodologies, policy analyses, risk analyses and behavioral analyses in relation to food, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and traditional Chinese medicine. Contributions may be in the form of review articles, original articles, case reports or research notes that have not been published and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

About the Society

The regulatory system for the safety and quality of food, drug, medical device, and cosmetics is critical to the public health. As these products are intimately involved in people's daily life and health as well as medical welfare, the Department of Health had been striving to facilitate organizational reform by focusing on consumer health in terms of food and drug safety. Consolidation of the Bureau of Food Safety, the Bureau of Pharmaceutical Affairs, the Bureau of Food and Drug Analysis and the Bureau of Controlled Drugs into the <a href="">Food and Drug Administration, Taiwan (TFDA)</a> was completed on January 1st, 2010, following the promulgation of the TFDA Organization Act on June 3rd, 2009. Such organizational reform tends to streamline the process of policy planning to execution and to increase administrative efficiency. Information relating to food and drug safety is released to the public more swiftly, allowing consumers to enjoy quality food and drugs that are safe to use. The TFDA will work to fulfill the vision of safeguarding national health and leading the nation into a new era of food and drug management.