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Codonopsis javanica root extracts attenuate hyperinsulinemia and lipid peroxidation in fructose-fed insulin resistant rats
K.-N. Chen, W.-H. Peng, C.-W. Hou, C.-Y. Chen, H.-H. Chen, C.-H. Kuo, and M. Korivi


Effect of harvest time on saponins in yam (Dioscorea pseudojaponica Yamamoto)
J.-T. Lin, S.-L. Chen, S.-C. Liu, and D.-J. Yang


Evaluating the urate-lowering effects of different microbial fermented extracts in hyperuricemic models accompanied with a safety study
R.-J. Chen, M.-H. Chen, Y.-L. Chen, C.-M. Hsiao, H.-M. Chen, S.-J. Chen, M.-D. Wu, Y.-J. Yech, G.-F. Yuan, and Y.-J. Wang


Lactobacillus pentosus GMNL-77 inhibits skin lesions in imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like mice
Y.-H. Chen, C.-S. Wu, Y.-H. Chao, C.-C. Lin, H.-Y. Tsai, Y.-R. Li, Y.-Z. Chen, W.-H. Tsai, and Y.-K. Chen


Food poisoning due to ingestion of goby Yongeichthys nebulosus forsskal
S.-J. Lin, C.-A. Cheng, Y.-H. Tsai, C.-H. Sa, J.-F. Deng, and D.-F. Hwang


Determination of illegal coal tar dye in "Hwamei"
S.-C. Su, B.-T. Chen, S.-C. Li, and S.-S. Chou


Studies on natural ultraviolet absorbers
M.-C. Liu, C.-T. Lin, M.-D. Shau, Z.-S. Chen, and M.-T. Chen

*Updated as of 08/12/20.