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In vitro and in vivo evaluation of the neuroprotective activity of Uncaria hirsuta Haviland
C.-M. Lin, Y.-T. Lin, T.-L. Lee, Z. Imtiyaz, W.-C. Hou, and M.-H. Lee


NeuroDefend, a novel Chinese medicine, attenuates amyloid-β and tau pathology in experimental Alzheimer's disease models
A. Iyaswamy, S.K. Krishnamoorthi, J.-X. Song, C.-B. Yang, V. Kaliyamoorthy, H. Zhang, S.G. Sreenivasmurthy, S. Malampati, Z.-Y. Wang, Z. Zhu, B.C.-K. Tong, K.-H. Cheung, J.-H. Lu, S.S.K. Durairajan, and M. Li


Mulberry fruits extracts induce apoptosis and autophagy of liver cancer cell and prevent hepatocarcinogenesis in vivo
K.-C. Cheng, C.-J. Wang, Y.-C. Chang, T.-W. Hung, C.-J. Lai, C.-W. Kuo, and H.-P. Huang


A mechanistic and empirical review of antcins, a new class of phytosterols of formosan fungi origin
Kumar K.J. Senthil, Vani M. Gokila, C.-Y. Chen, W.-W. Hsiao, J. Li, Z.-X. Lin, F.-H. Chu, G.-C. Yen, and S.-Y. Wang


Acute and subacute oral toxicity assessment of dry encapsulated and non-encapsulated green coffee fruit extracts
Wanessa Costa Silva Faria, Alessandra Almeida da Silva, Natalie Veggi, Nair Honda Kawashita, Suelem A. de França Lemes, Wander Miguel de Barros, Edemilson da Conceiç~ao Cardoso, Attilio Converti, Waldenia de Melo Moura, and Neura Bragagnolo


Preparation, evaluation and metabolites study in rats of novel Isoginkgetin-loaded TPGS/soluplus mixed nanomicelles
Xue Feng, Yu-Ting Chen, Lu-Ya Li, Yu-Peng Sun, Hai-Rong Wang, and Lan-Tong Zhang


Rapid identification of nicotine in electronic cigarette liquids based on surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Jun-Yi Chien, Yong-Chun Gu, Hsin-Mei Tsai, Chun-Hao Liu, Chia-Yuan Yen, Yuh-Lin Wang, Juen-Kai Wang, and Chi-Hung Lin

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